My First Priority

Education is an investment in our future. Economic development and community strength are dependent on the preparation of mind and spirit for a changing world. When education is a priority for community leaders, then parents and students begin to value education as well.

My Second Priority

The greatest asset we have in Caroline County is our people. When we work together, we multiply the limited resources available to address the issues that confront us. Getting on the same team requires unity of purpose and will.

My Third Priority

This is my community that nurtured me as a child and I will continue to give back to the people I love. Currently I serve as a Citizen Committee Member on the Finance Committee of Mary Washington Healthcare Board of Trustees, a community representative and past treasurer to the Rappahannock Area Agency on Aging, Reducing Crimes Against the Elderly (TRIAD), and Caroline Emergency Relief through Volunteer Efforts (CERVE). I am an active participant in church and Caroline school activities (budget and vision committees). I was a regular columnist for the Caroline Progress, Caroline Magazine, and The Virginia Connection.

My Fourth Priority

All of us are students in the school of life. New challenges present opportunities for us to learn and grow. We live in an age of change and if we are not willing to learn, we will be left behind. We have been given a firm foundation to transform our halls of learning to a community of learners.

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